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She was born during a time of dark and light...


Clarissa Hedgestone and the Blood Moon Excerpt


Cocacina—the planet of the human fairies

Another time and space


Ravenous flames licked the blazing rowan trees in the Lost Forest, sacred to human fairies and protected since time recorded. The king was dead and the land was divided between a brother and a sister. The strife between siblings had torn apart every human fairy family. The creeks ran red with the blood of human fairies fighting their first civil war.


Only the troops’ geometric astronomical symbols in different colored threads identified their lineage. Under their long, flowing hair, they bore tattoos on their necks in deference to which noble house their families were pledged.


The king named his first born, Flanyanna, to rule after his death. But many did not wish to return to a matriarchy, despite the glory, wisdom, and magic of the fairy queen age. They believed the crown must be supported by the breeches and stiff black boots of a fairy king. These aggressors balked at the rustling of a lady’s petticoats on the throne again.


On a hilltop, Queen Flanyanna sat well on her white winged charger, Arasthenes. Her body was lithe and supple, belying the strength contained in her core. Her slender, boyish figure was encased in brilliant, burnished, ornate armor. Her long and gloriously dark hair blew backward over the enclosing pauldrons; her breastplate protected her shoulders and torso, and camouflaged her early pregnancy. Arasthenenes was a sublime creature, a Namdalarian, cousin to the Andalusian breed on Earth. Her royal fairy crown of gold threads, braided with yellow, white, and rose gold covered the back of her head like a helmet. Arasthenes belched steam from his nostrils, scrutinizing the battle. Her handsome charger and the queen stood as one. The gossip in the jolly fairy taverns was she loved to mount her horse more than her husband.


Radiating a dark, proud prowess, she marshaled her forces and rallied what was left of her faithful troops to thwart her brother’s barbaric invaders who threatened her rule. She had to kill her brother to see her unborn child rule after her. She had to kill him because he was trying to kill her.