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by C.Jill Hefte

Jan 22, 2017

Will not forget,

the stones that are set in

round, on Salisbury plaines. Though who put ’em there, ’tis hard to declare

The Romans, or Merlin, or Danes.

Walter Pope in 1676


Working in secret, the architects of Stonehenge were really astronomers of high intellectual powers. The site was carefully chosen for its properties and its relationship to the moon and the sun. In a sense, Stonehenge is an astronomical instrument built to transport the human fairies, but to the humans it appeared only as a temple for worship by their neighbors. It was an absurd human notion to even think that humans built Stonehenge. Stonehenge is not the work of human but of unworldly creatures, often called wizards, or witches, but their true nature and race is the human fairy.

For only human fairies possessed the resolve, strength and skills to brave the fiery slopes of volcanoes to harvest the just cooled slabs. Only they could provide the guidance needed to transport these slabs across the sea to the sacred location. For the human fairies recognized they were electrical energy components, not of time and space. Therefore they were not hostages to Earth like the human and the sea people who saw themselves as finite physical beings.

As much as possible, the human fairies cast spells that caused the stones to become light as feathers. The stones were massive partners for dancing human fairy maidens who would roll them across the fields with their dancing feet. The Stonehenge stones are of extraordinary dimensions, raised and fixed into their immense circular temple solely for the purpose of providing a portal to a new home.

But there was more that was needed to build this spiritual place. Creating the stone structure was a massive labor, even for Fairy Magic. Erecting the temple required boulders totaling hundreds of tons. And the heavy rocks were of the Earth.

They could only absorb so much magic before they needed the grounding touch of mere mortals; humans who could offer the balm of sweat and effort on land, the mer people who could maintain the Earth’s connection while crossing the sea water by rolling the large boulders in the sea waves for thousands of miles.

Thus, a team of the ethereal and the mundane was needed and was formed. An alliance of human fairies, humans and mer people provided the necessary alchemy to create Stonehenge, a place of healing, a shrine for all. Here all could be rejuvenated and the dead could be honored. When the time came to leave, Stonehenge was the secret escape hatch for the human fairy race. Years passed and many forgot the Rose Crystal’s prophecy.

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