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by C.Jill Hefte

April 27, 2017

Will not forget,

the stones that are set in

round, on Salisbury plaines. Though who put ’em there, ’tis hard to declare

The Romans, or Merlin, or Danes.

Walter Pope in 1676

History and science both tell of a natural disaster that affected all of Earth and its creatures. Great fire boulders came from the sky during an eclipse and mass destruction took all Earth’s lands and its peoples into darkness. For years all living Earth things lived with only the fire boulders from the sky to give light.

Food was scare, as was pure water. Everyone began to fight for survival. For hundreds of years, the humans, the human fairies and the sea people fought for supremacy and natural resources, killing each other. Many crusades where wars were fought and more blood shed to kill all human fairies and the mer people.

It was a turning point on Earth and the rose crystal prophecy was upon the human fairies. The three groups no longer lived in peace, harmony and abundance.

With primitive conditions the only way, humans lived in caves to protect themselves from the fire skies that no one knew when they would ignite again. But you see, as in so many vile histories of lies, cheating, and deceit, the humans who walked on the Earth saw an opportunity to control Earth and plotted to enslave others to their benefit after the fire had diminished in the sky.

The years passed, and the two legged human continued to take over the Earth.

But something else happened to change the history of Earth forever. The Human Fairies and the mer people fought back against the humans and the battles became fierce, for despite the oracle that they would be forced to emigrate, many human fairies did not wish to leave Earth.

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