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by C.Jill Hefte

May 30, 2017

Human fairies are master of stones and herbs, therefore the sky was just another stone to manipulate at will, allowing human fairies to transcend between dimensions and galaxies to another planet

All those human fairies who desired to leave their beloved Earth gathered together at Stonehenge during the Blood Moon.

The electric energy of creation of all components of time and space and the true source of power was the known power of the human fairies. It is only recently that human recognized that they are not physical beings, but electrical which is why humans stayed on Earth as hostages for centuries. Human fairies were able to transport to another dimensions and start a new life.

For Human Fairies knew they had the ability to dilate for they were electrical beings and could transport themselves as they did not accept the human illusion that they were real and three dimensional. That night in the midst, during the eclipse of the Blood Moon, human fairies immigrated to the habitable tiny planet —- Cocacina,—-no bigger than a pencil eraser to the naked eye.

The stars lined up to the moon. South East. It begins. In the middle because you are going backwards, leaving the third dimension of time and space.

As the moon turned red, the alignment of the various stones only known to its builders resurrect to the living structure that buzzes like a honey bee. The honey comb chamber vibrates , pulsates energy. Then a red light laser illuminated down through the Stonehenge passageway, blinding you. In the total eclipse, in the still black, the human fairies dematerialized and moved at lightening speed.

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