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When the moonlight appeared, everyone was gone.

That is , except for those who chose to stay and live with humans — eventually losing their magic. The few human fairies that stayed levitated a few large stones misplacing the portal and hiding it’s true meaning. The ‘window’ to the other galaxy was blocked forever.

A fallen vanquished race, hiding in another galaxy after being all but exterminated from Earth by hostile humans, self-exiled to Cocacina, all but disappearing.

In Cocacinan fairy folklore, the Blood Moon is the blood of the human fairies that spilled those many years ago during the time of Stonehenge and the great war on Earth.

Over the centuries on earth, Human fairies were forgotten. But to this day, everyone wonders who built Stonehenge and why?

“My name is Clarissa Hedgestone and I’m a human fairy princess. This is my story…. It begins with the Blood Moon rising.”

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