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by C.Jill Hefte

Jan 15, 2017

Will not forget,

the stones that are set in

round, on Salisbury plaines. Though who put ’em there, ’tis hard to declare

The Romans, or Merlin, or Danes.

Walter Pope — 1676


Humanity had divided by this time, in 3,000 B.C., into three major groups. Humans, Sea People and Human Fairies, who all called Earth home.

The sea people, the mermen had beautiful strong tails with multicolored fins at their hips. The mermaids were more slender and the fins at their hips were much smaller, almost unnoticeable. The hair of the people of the sea streamed wildly in the ocean surf and they made combs out of shells to decorate it. Nudity was the norm for mermaids and their men. Both swam bare breasted and only the more prudish of the humans who had feet were discomforted.

The human, although not magical, was ruthless and cunning in nature. In outward appearance, human fairies looked much same as humans. Their forms were perhaps sounder, more balanced and finely formed than the rest.

The main physical difference between human fairies and all others occurred in their infancies. They were born with wings that began as small, delicate attachments during their infancy in the mid-back. As the fairy children grew, these wings quickly withered and dropped off and were replaced with magical powers. They were a reminder of earlier times when human fairies had chosen the skies instead of the supernatural. The other difference was that human fairies lived three times longer than the human.

In fairy legend, Stonehenge was built by the guiding labors of human fairies, the masters of electric energy, using a form of levitation. The human fairy was a magical creature.

During many readings of their beloved Rose Crystals, the soothsayers saw a undeniable calamity that would come to Earth and change it forever. It was decided long ago that the human fairies would migrate to another Galaxy when this occurred.

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